Student Accounts

Accessing Your Bill

Willamette University utilizes an online billing system called Touchnet Bill+Payment. On Bill+Payment, students and authorized users can view monthly bills, account activity, and make online payments.

Please note that students are responsible for setting up authorized users in Touchnet Bill+Payment.  Parents and guardians will not be able to access Bill+Payment until their student has set them up as an authorized user.


For information on how to use Bill+Payment, please click on the following link: Bill+Payment FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On April 19, Willamette updated its accounting software and switched to a new accounts receivable module. This upgrade will enhance Student Accounts office procedures over the long term. At the same time, this upgrade has impacted the flow of data from our accounting software to our online billing and payment system, Bill+Payment. Unfortunately, all student account transactions prior to the upgrade are not able to flow through to the Account Activity screen in Bill+Payment. If you would like to view your account history prior to April 19th, please go to the eBill screen in Bill+Payment and select your statement dated 4/18/14. This statement contains a couple years of transaction history. Please note that student account history can also be accessed through JASON.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bill+Payment system has problems functioning properly through the Safari web browser. Please use another browser, i.e., Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, when you are accessing Bill+Payment.

Student Access

Authorized Payer Access  - Students need to set parents and guardians up as authorized users in order to access Bill+Payment.