For Students

The Placement Office provides a number of services to students designed to assist them with developing and achieving their career goals.

Individual Assistance and Counseling

We provide individual assistance to all students to help them with the career planning process. This includes individual counseling, identifying employment opportunities and help with the job search process. Students are encouraged to set individual appointments with a counselor to discuss career planning goals. Students may make appointments on Symplicity.

Informational Workshops

We provide students with a variety of programs each semester, designed to build job search skills and to educate them about the process of seeking legal employment. In addition, the Placement Office regularly schedules guest speaker panels, featuring attorneys from a cross section of specialty areas. Recent panels have featured attorneys who practice in International Law, Business Law, and Employment Law. These panel presentations allow students to hear from and meet practitioners from various areas of the legal community.

Resource Room

The Placement Office Resource Room contains numerous materials to assist students in their job search and professional development. Resources include a library of current books on legal interests and career development, firm directories, information on resumes and cover letters, networking and more. Free access to two computers is available for students to use to prepare, print, email or upload application materials.

Placement Office Manual

Every 1L student at Willamette College of Law receives a copy of the Placement Office Manual. This helpful publication outlines job search techniques and provides samples of resumes, cover letters and other job search correspondence. First year students are provided with copies of this manual during their Placement Office Orientation session in October.

Mentoring Program

The Placement Office oversees an active student/attorney mentoring program. Our mentoring program pairs first year law students with one of approximately 150 volunteer lawyers and judges. This provides students with a tremendous opportunity, early in their legal careers, to forge an individual relationship with a practicing attorney or judge, who can offer insight about the practice of law.

Pro Bono Honors Program

The Pro Bono Honors Program is designed to encourage students to participate in community-based volunteer legal service projects. The Program allows students to enhance their learning experience through hands-on involvement in the community, while providing valuable services to people in need.

In addition, students who participate and provide a minimum number of hours of not-for-credit and not-for-compensation work during the year (April - March) will receive a Pro Bono Honors Program Award from Willamette and will be honored in the spring. In addition, those students who provide the most pro bono hours each year will receive special recognition.

Externship Program

The Externship Program provides an experiential learning environment that allows law students to develop their skills and values as novice lawyers. The program also seeks to strengthen the College of Law’s relationship with the bench, bar and community and to improve students’ prospects for obtaining satisfying, permanent employment after graduation. As such, the Externship Program allows students to “test the waters” in a specific area of legal practice. This program often is the capstone experience for students during their study at the College of Law.

For more information on Externship, please review this Externship Information Sheet. If you have additional questions call 503-375-5431 or e-mail Terry Wright at You may also contact Bev Ecklund at 503-370-6057 or

Willamette's Reciprocity Policy

The Placement Office at Willamette University College of Law is happy to assist students and alumni of other law schools with their job search in Oregon. Our policy concerning the use of our career services and resources is set forth below.

  • We make our services and resources available to all students and graduates of other ABA accredited law schools that permit our students and graduates the same access. Our policy is to mirror the reciprocity policy of the requesting law school. In the case of online reciprocity, WUCL uses the Symplicity job posting system and will allow access to reciprocity students who’s law school will grant access to our students or graduates.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals our office will take from a single school; however, in the case of schools which permit reciprocity only on a one-to-one basis, we will grant reciprocity only if the requesting law school waives such requirement for a Willamette Law student or graduate.
  • Students and graduates of other law schools must have their Career Services Office submit a request for reciprocity and a letter of introduction one week prior to the first visit. Absolutely no walk-in requests will be honored. The letter or email request must include the name and email address of student or graduate.
  • The duration of the request will mirror the length honored by the requesting school, but will not exceed three months from the date of the original request. Renewal of a reciprocity request will be considered as a new, first time request and will count as an additional individual’s use of the office. Students and graduates using our office are required to identify themselves as students or graduates who have been granted reciprocity.

When responding to career opportunities found through the Placement Office at Willamette University College of Law, applicants are required to state in their cover letters to employers that they obtained the listing through a reciprocal agreement between the applicant’s school and Willamette University College of Law.

The Placement Office reserves the right to deny reciprocity to individuals who misuse our facilities or do not comply with university policies. Email requests to Bev Ecklund, Placement Office Coordinator.