Law Journals

The Willamette University College of Law regularly publishes three student-edited legal journals: Willamette Law Review, Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolutionand Willamette Law Online, which provide students with invaluable legal research and editorial experience.

Willamette Law Review

The Willamette Law Review staff publishes four issues of the journal a year for the benefit of practitioners, judges, legislators and the academic community. Willamette Law Reviewincludes articles from outside authors, comments by third-year students and notes by second-year students. For the most accomplished students, Willamette Law Review provides the opportunities and challenges to produce the kind of disciplined, analytical writing that is likely to be the first major written accomplishment of their legal careers.

Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution

The Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution is published annually and covers a single theme in each issue. Past themes have included developments in Japanese law, Chinese law, new patterns of transnational investment, European security issues, the international conservation and management of North Pacific fisheries, the impact of e-commerce on the law of nations, and comparative dispute resolution.

Willamette Law Online

Sponsored by the College of Law and predominately staffed by its students, Willamette Law Online provides timely, informative and accurate case summaries from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Oregon's appellate courts, as well as cases from all American courts in the areas of dispute resolution, intellectual property and conflict of laws.

Willamette Sports Law Journal

The Willamette Sports Law Journal is a student-run online publication devoted to those areas where sports and the law intersect. The journal addresses many areas of sports law, but gives specific focus to how it affects leagues, players, colleges and fans. Article topics range broadly from Title IX, to torts in sports, to anti-trust and labor law issues. First published in 2004, Willamette Sports Law Journal was the first sports law journal in the Northwest. The journal is now published biannually, in the winter and spring. The journal provides students, educators, practitioners and other enthusiasts with timely, well-written commentary and analysis about the always exciting and evolving field of sports law.

Willamette Environmental Law Journal

The Willamette Environmental Law Journal (WELJ) is designed to exist as a student-managed and student-edited legal journal. WELJ is committed to publishing articles pertaining to environmental law and sustainability policy considerations, selecting both outside and student articles for publication.

WELJ's inaugural edition will be ready for publication in late summer 2012.