Madeleine Rhyneer, Vice President for Admission and Financial AidMadeleine Rhyneer, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid

    Time Magazine Article on Over-Parenting Quotes Willamette VP

    How do parents walk the line between doing what's best for their children and hovering too much at school or the practice field?

    A growing backlash against too much parental involvement was the subject of the latest Time magazine cover article, "The Case Against Over-Parenting: Why Mom and Dad need to cut the strings." The article also offers advice on how to avoid being too protective.

    Madeleine Rhyneer, Willamette's vice president for admission and financial aid, lent her perspective to the debate.

    "I think for a lot of parents, college admissions is like their grade report on how they did as a parent," Rhyneer said in the article.

    Check out the full article on Time magazine's website. Rhyneer's quote also was picked up by The New York Times' admission and financial aid blog, The Choice.