Maintenance of family life explored in new exhibit at Willamette University

by University Communications,

An exhibition featuring the work of Bethany Hays is on display in the Roger W. Rogers Gallery at Willamette University’s Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center.

The exhibition, “Piling Up: Paintings by Bethany Hays,” is on view from Jan. 14 through May 15.

As a single mother, Hays is intimately familiar with the feeling of being swamped by the mundane domestic tasks that are necessary for the everyday maintenance of family life, says gallery curator and professor Andries Fourie.

To that end, he says “her paintings offer a glimpse into the endless daily battle between entropy and order that characterizes the struggle to tame domestic chaos. Such accidental sculptures serve as both metaphorical landscapes and self-portraits.”

Additionally, by using watercolors, Fourie says Hays subverts the tradition of drapery studies as traditional markers of skill and craft in oil painting.

Hays received her MFA in contemporary art practices from Portland State University in 2009. She is a visiting assistant professor of art at Willamette.