Renowned Dutch professor speaks about nature, politics at Willamette

by University Communications,

Addressing such topics as nature, politics, conservation and sustainability, Bram Büscher will give a free lecture at Willamette University on Sept. 24.

Büscher, an associate professor of environmental and sustainable development at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, will give a talk titled “Transforming the Frontier: Peace Parks and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation in Southern Africa,” based on his book by the same name published earlier this year.

Beginning at 4:10 p.m. in the Hatfield Room of the Hatfield Library, the lecture will focus largely on international “peace parks,” which are transnational conservation areas established and managed by two or more countries.

Büscher will discuss how these areas have become a popular way of protecting biodiversity while promoting international cooperation and regional development. He’ll also review the political history and relationships linked with these areas.

Assistant politics professor Jonneke Koomen met Büscher when he invited her to present at the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) at Erasmus University. Koomen says the ISS is a “major intellectual hub” where scholars from around the world engage critically in developmental studies.

She encourages all students, faculty, staff and Salem community members to attend the lecture, saying it presents a great opportunity for them to take advantage of Büscher’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

A Q-and-A session with Büscher will follow his presentation. Refreshments will be served.

“We are immensely lucky at Willamette to have so much support for bringing out cutting-edge scholars from around the world to Salem, Oregon,” Koomen says.