Charitable Remainder Trusts 

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Getting Started

You can design a trust that supports our mission and meets your unique needs. [More]

Is This Gift Right for You?

See if you fit the profile of a charitable remainder trust donor. [More]

Case Study

See how a charitable remainder trust fits into one person's plans. [More]

What If You Don't Need the Payments Right Away?

If you prefer to receive your trust payments at a later date, there are three popular types of unitrusts to choose from. [More]

3 Ways to Fund Your Charitable Trust

Read on to learn the best assets to fund your charitable remainder trust. [More]

Choosing Your Trustee

Consider these factors when deciding who will fill this important position. [More]

How to Complete Your Gift

In five steps, you can design a trust to fit your unique circumstances. [More]

Action Items

Take these steps to learn how a charitable remainder trust could fit into your charitable giving plans. [More]

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