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JD/MBA Program Fits Her Career Goals "Erin Milos grew up on a farm in Dufur, Oregon. Though she was surrounded by agricultural crops of wheat and fruit, early on she had an interest in becoming a lawyer."


Loving a Job and Leaving It "Heather Parker, a first-year law student at Willamette University, decided she needed to go to law school last year during her daily commute. She was holding down two part-time jobs — one where she witnessed the power of government and one where she taught those without it — when she realized she needed to take a different path."


“To Me, That’s Unforgivable” "Third-year law student Allison Wils watched friends and family members guide their loved ones on a maddening journey through America’s health care system. She wants to change that."


Family Business “In this atmosphere, there are a lot of people more in love with themselves than with anybody, and you’ve got to be able to deal with that. I happen to believe my daughter is excellent at it.”


A Trip to Africa that Changed His Life “First-year student Matthew Leady came to Willamette because of a trip he took to Rwanda. It was a profoundly moving visit...”


She Conquered Politics. Next Up: Law “After you’ve coordinated volunteers for a congressional campaign at 18 and run the Linn County Republican Party at 19, what else is there to conquer?”


From Coroner to Courtroom “God only knows what she might have walked through at work that night, so Julie Wilson always slipped off her shoes at the front door.”


A Student of the World “Before she even arrived at Willamette, Erin Tofte, a member of the Class of 2011, had a deeper understanding of developing nations than many students.”


Public Interest Powerhouse As a kid growing up near a primarily African-American section of Atlanta, Aaron Jeffers experienced prejudice from an unexpected source — law enforcement.


Family Focused “There’s something voyeuristic about family law,” said Katie L. Archer, a member of the Class of 2011. “As a lawyer, you’re entrusted with people’s personal information.”


A Sustainable Future Third-year student Alycia Edgeworth Kennedy has little interest in donning a power suit and high heels before heading to a courtroom. She would much rather grab hiking boots and a clipboard on her way to a community center to meet with disenfranchised residents and educate them about their civil rights.


Embracing Hope “Wanting to earn a post-graduate degree is a cultural thing,” said Tapiwa Gladmore Kapurura, an LL.M. candidate at the College of Law. “It is common among my African friends to push one another to continue our educations. Self enrichment is very important to us.”


Academic Ambitions “In my mind, there are two types of law students — those who like trial practice and moot court and those who prefer research, writing and journal work,” said Spencer N. Gheen, a member of the Class of 2010. “I am a more introverted person and am drawn to academic work. I feel like I found my niche in legal scholarship.”


Champion of Children’s Rights Anyone who thinks legal practice attracts bookish milksops has never met Rachel C. (Rosemeyer) O’Connor. Odds are that the tall, slender 3L could take you in a throwdown.


The Good Citizen “An important factor in my choosing Willamette was the school’s Certificate Program in Law and Government,” said Jamie E. Carmichael.


A World-Class Law Student Stop by the campus pool most days of the week and you are likely to find Mark A. Fretta swimming laps.


Perfecting Her Legal Performance Willamette’s unique learning environment attracts law students with a wide range of backgrounds.


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