Law Review Honors Dean Symeonides

A tribute to Symeon C. SymeonIides has been published recently by the Louisiana Law Review honoring Dean Symeonides for his contributions to the development of comparative law, conflicts law, and civil law. The Tribute consists of 26 essays authored by prominent American and foreign academics, including a member of the International Court of Justice at the Hague and a member of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

In the introductory essay, Harvard Law Professor Arthur von Mehren praises Symeonides' "remarkably varied and productive career" as a teacher, "a gifted administrator and an imaginative and skilled law giver," a "prolific writer," and "a scholar with an inquiring, searching intellect, tremendous energy, and an abiding commitment to the life of the mind." In another essay, Indiana Law Professor Gene R. Shreve evaluates Symeonides' "record of scholarship, of leadership and of service in the conflicts community" and "the many ways in which Symeonides has influenced the work of others," and concludes that "[no] one at the close of the last century had contributed more."