Peterson Prize: 2003-2004 10th Amendment Writing Contest Announced

Willamette University College of Law Center for Law and Government is currently accepting submissions for the 2004 Peterson Prize National Undergraduate Student Writing Competition on the 10th Amendment of the United States Competition. The 10th Amendment reserves to the states and to the people all rights not specifically given to the federal government. The Peterson Prize is an annual national competition open to all full-time upper division students enrolled in an undergraduate institution and awards $5,000 for the first place winner, $3,000 for second and $2,000 for third.

The papers shall address one or more issues, historic or contemporary, involving the principles underlying the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Papers may include topics such as the principles and/or application of federalism, the allocation of powers and responsibilities between the states, the federal government and the people or other aspects of state and federal relations in the American democratic experiment.

Deadline for submission of entries is June 4, 2004. Read the full description of rules and requirements for the competition.

Questions may be directed to Professor Steven K. Green 503-370-6732 or e-mail.