Steven Green to Debate Separation of Church and State

Willamette law professor Steven Green, an expert on the separation of church and state, will debate Ted Cruz, Solicitor General of Texas, on Locke v. Davey, February 13th in Austin, TX. This historic case, which the Supreme Court will decide this term, could eliminate a major barrier to the state funding of programs such as school vouchers or charitable choice initiatives that involve religious institutions. Locke v. Davey raises the question of whether a Washington state college student may receive a state-funded scholarship to prepare for the ministry.

About two-thirds of states, including Washington and Texas, have constitutional provisions (known as Blaine Amendments), which prohibit sponsoring religious worship, exercise or instruction. Supporters of Blaine Amendments believe they preserve the separation of church and state. Opponents believe they discriminate against religion. The Court's decision on this important issue may well be one of the most fundamental and far-reaching this term. The constitutionality of hundreds of state and federal laws that prohibit public funding of religious activities could be at stake with this decision.

Sponsored by the Austin Lawyers Chapter of The Federalist Society, this timely debate will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Headliners Club, 221 W. 6th Street, McBee Room, 20th Floor, Austin, TX. Call (512) 374-4441 for more information or tickets.