Morris Collin Recognized as a National Leader in Sustainability

College of Law Professor Robin Morris Collin was featured in a recent article in The Oregonian as "a national leader in law that respects the planet and its people."

Collin, the first to teach a class on sustainability at an American law school, discussed the importance that equity plays in discussions of sustainability.

"We have this class of super-powerful, but hard-to-picture, players in our country," she said in the article. "Huge companies that have money and control us without our vote. They are not accountable - the insurance companies, the banks, the armament industry. They are only about profits.

"Sustainability is about meeting our own needs without diminishing the ability of future generations to meet theirs," she added.

Collin and her husband, Professor Robert Collin, wrote a three-volume encyclopedia of sustainability that will be released in December. She directs the Certificate Program in Sustainability Law at Willamette University College of Law, and she co-chairs the University's Sustainability Council. She was awarded the David Brower Lifetime Achievement Award at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in 2001 and the Judith Ramaley Award from the Oregon Campus Compact for civic engagement in sustainability in 2009.

At the College of Law, she has taught courses in Cultural Property Law, Sustainability Law and Policy, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, and Criminal Law and Procedure.

You can read the full profile of Collin, "Liberty, Equality, Sustainability," in the Oct. 16, 2009, issue of The Oregonian.