A Celebration of Life held for Linda Alderin

Friends, relatives and work colleagues of Linda Alderin filled Cone Chapel Sunday for a celebration of life for Alderin, executive assistant to Dean Symeon C. Symeonides. Alderin, 61, died March 20 of cancer.

"Linda's warmth, laughter and bright spirit will always endure in our memories," said Jay R. Stewart, a longtime friend. "Although she was taken from us much too soon, Linda had a wonderful life and that really should be celebrated."

A slideshow of Alderin scuba diving, playing the piano, skiing and reading to her grandchildren played throughout the event. Among those sharing memories were Dean Symeonides and Mike Bennett, the law schools' director of development and alumni relations.

“The fact that no more than a handful of people knew about her condition is just one example of the kind of person Linda was – highly conscientious, hard-working, extremely competent, meticulous and in all respects an outstanding employee with excellent judgment and discretion,” said Dean Symeonides. “But more importantly, Linda was an all-around outstanding person.”

Alderin grew up in Allegany, Ore.. She worked for the state of Oregon, a Salem law firm and, since 1986, for Willamette University. Alderin was the executive assistants to three presidents: Jerry Hudson, Bryan Johnston and Lee Pelton. In 2001, she was named executive assistant to Dean Symeonides.

Alderin was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She continued working at the law school until mid-February, missing only the days of her in-hospital treatments.

Alderin is survived by her father Lyle McGuire; husband Pat; son Ty and daughter-in-law Ann Koellmann; sister Judy and brother-in-law John Knutson; brother Pat and sister-in-law Karen McGuire; sister and brother-in-law Cathy and Ross McDonald, grandchildren Ella and Hilde Koellmann; stepchildren Seth Alderin, Rendi Alderin and Summer Alderin-Miller; step-grandchildren Taylor Christianson, Kaci Alderin, Brody Alderin and Olivia Alderin; and many nieces and nephews.