3L Lindsay Freedman gets grant from Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation

Lindsay Freedman, a third-year law student and president of the Women’s Law Caucus, has received a $500 Armonica law student grant from the Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation. The grant is awarded to one recipient at Oregon’s three law schools who demonstrates a commitment to the foundation’s goals.

The winner is matched with a female judge or attorney who serves as the student’s mentor for one year. Freedman’s mentor will be Oregon Court of Appeals Judge Darleen Ortega.

Freedman, who also is event coordinator for the Jewish Law Society, plans several projects this academic year to reach out to different groups of students: a mentoring program for youths from Willamette Academy interested in legal careers; a symposium on motherhood in the law; and a writing contest for middle and high school students.

“I feel really humble to be recognized by an amazing group of people advancing women’s issues in the law,” Freedman said. “It’s fueled me to work that much harder for these events and anything else that I can get involved in.”