Why We Exist

The Academy helps students overcome barriers and build a solid network of support. There are four distinct components to the Academy’s supports:

1. Student Support Program

The first component is the Student Support Program, which is comprised of Academic Mentor meetings, CORE Groups, workshops, tutoring, and access to technology resources. Academic Mentor meetings provide individual goal planning and other academic support. The Academy also facilitates CORE Groups and workshops to supplement other skills training that students receive. Finally, students are required to complete several tasks designed to allow Academy staff to touch base with students and help them succeed at school.

2. Monthly Enrichment Program (Saturday Sessions)

During the academic year, students are expected to come to the Academy one Saturday a month for enrichment workshops. These enrichment workshops are known as Saturday Sessions and take place at Willamette University.  During these sessions, students work on projects that help them to develop their math, science, and writing skills.  Additionally, students attend workshops specifically designed for their position on the path to college. The foci of these workshops include course advising, college entrance exam preparation, and completing a college application. Students also have the opportunity to meet and learn from University professors and college students. A secondary focus of these sessions is developing students’ “Creative Minds” through co-curricular endeavors.

3. Family Involvement

Parents and Guardians Using Education & Networking To Empower Students

The final component of WA is the Family Program. The program promotes a community and support network among families and serves as a bridge between the students, their families and the Academy in the students’ pursuit of higher education.

4. Summer Program

Each summer, WA hosts a summer academic camp on the Willamette University campus. The camp mimics college life by allowing students to experience campus life and academic preparation for college.  The Academy works to clarify families’ misconceptions about college life and help students start to envision themselves in a college environment. Students participate in a non-residential day camp their first two summers and stay overnight on campus their remaining three.