Are You Concerned About Paying for College?

Undoubtedly you and your student are thinking about the future and considering how you will pay for a college education. Family financial resources are much changed over the last year and most parents are in a very different place than they hoped to be when sending their children to college. At Willamette, we realize how important conversations about college cost and affordability are for families in the college decision-making process.

The cost of a university education in America is high. But, of course, the cost of choosing the wrong program or college is higher still. You are rightly concerned about investing your financial resources wisely: getting a good return on your educational expenditure and ensuring your student has every possible advantage is important preparation for a career in our global economy.

It is important to remember that all colleges are not created equal. Each one has a different mission and cost structure. When you choose Willamette University, you are choosing rigorous academic programs, highly individualized instruction and mentoring from our faculty members, and skill development that will position students well for graduate school and meaningful employment after graduation. Willamette academics are outstanding, and our enhanced Career Services program ensures that students receive the support they need to plan effectively for their future.

Merit Awards

Willamette has a generous merit scholarship program that recognizes students who achieve at a very high level in high school and who demonstrate potential for future success. Merit award consideration is an automatic part of the Admission Committee’s application review process. Students may expect to receive word of any merit award at the time of admission or shortly thereafter.

Need-Based Aid

Only one form is required to apply for need-based financial aid from Willamette: the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Apply online at
  • Willamette’s FAFSA code is 003227.
  • Submit your FAFSA by February 1. Students who apply after the deadline may be placed on a financial aid waiting list.

As you complete your FAFSA you will note that there are a variety of state-specific due dates for filing the form. Please disregard whatever date is listed for your state and comply with our February 1 deadline. This ensures that the Willamette financial aid staff will receive your information from the federal processor in time to analyze the data and offer you a financial aid package by the end of March. Your family will then have time to weigh all offers of admission and financial aid prior to the May 1 National Candidate’s Reply Date. May 1 is the date by which you and your student must make a final college choice.

Financial Aid Questions

I encourage you to review your financial options carefully. I often hear from families that they simply could not afford a private college education for their student and then learn that they did not apply for need-based financial aid and pursue all possible options.

Please contact us at 877-542-2787 with your questions. We can help you with topics like how to apply for aid at Willamette, what types of funding are available and how to get an early estimate of your own aid eligibility. We are here to listen to your financial concerns and will do all we can to help.

Teresa K Hudkins
Director of Admission

Apply for Federal Student Aid

  • Deadline February 1
  • Apply online at
  • Willamette’s FAFSA code is 003227.

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