Are You Concerned About Paying for College?

The Willamette Advantage

It is easy to believe that higher education is in crisis if you read the newspaper or listen to the news. Many state universities are raising tuition – often dramatically – to compensate for reduced state support. In addition to tuition increases, many state universities are cutting their budgets. This will have a direct impact on the quality of education and experience they are able to offer. I know that what’s happening in higher education is of great concern to you as you prepare to send a student to college.

In contrast to what is happening elsewhere, let me tell you about how we have responded at Willamette University.

  • When many schools froze hiring, Willamette University concluded all of its searches for new faculty and administrative positions. We were able to hire outstanding talent because other universities weren’t hiring. This means great new faculty and administrators who will teach and support your student.
  • Some colleges halted construction. At Willamette University, we completed our newest project, Ford Hall, a LEED certified building that houses digital technology and music, dramatically improving support of our programs for students.
  • While others dropped programs, we added an academic major.
  • We are significantly enhancing our career services programs – internship opportunities, summer employment or research, and preparation to enter graduate school or the job market - to ensure that all of our graduates are prepared for their next steps after Willamette.

It is also critical to remember that a Willamette degree is a four-year program; five or six years are not required to complete all of the courses necessary for graduation. This is a significant financial advantage for parents and students – even with our higher cost – as you are not forced to pay for additional years of tuition and your student does not have to forgo the income he or she would earn had they completed their degree in four years.

Finally, as a reminder, all courses at Willamette are taught by faculty members (1:10 faculty to student ratio) and the average class size is 14. We continue to offer a rigorous, highly challenging and intensely personal educational experience to each of our students. This is not a new phenomenon for us – it has been our mission since 1842.

If you have any questions about Willamette’s advantages or would like more information about how we deliver on our educational promise to students, I hope you will contact me. It would be my pleasure to discuss them with you.

Teresa K Hudkins
Director of Admission