Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology

Willamette University’s Center for Ancient Studies (established in 2007) is home to a cross-disciplinary concentration of experts in archaeology and the ancient world that is unprecedented for small Liberal Arts colleges and rare even for major research universities. At Willamette more than twenty faculty members from over a dozen different disciplines combine their expertise and interests to form a program of rich collaboration, critical exploration, and interdisciplinary scholarship that seeks to bring together those within Willamette University and the Willamette Valley community who share an interest in ancient studies and archaeology.

The Center promotes and organizes public lectures and events with national and international experts, funds museum exhibitions, hosts scholarly conferences, and supports faculty and student research.

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Willamette's Archaeological Field School in Scotland

Find out more about Willamette University's new archaeological field school and about the exciting discoveries being made at this remarkable Neolithic site in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. This excavation is redefining our understanding of the Neolithic world and was recently featured by National Geographic and was named the research project of the year at the Current Archaeology awards ceremony at the British Museum, in London in February of 2011.