Willamette challenges you to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world through a rigorous liberal arts and sciences curriculum. Our faculty — dedicated teachers and recognized scholars — will help you develop as a self-directed critical thinker who questions actively, writes effectively, speaks persuasively and collaborates enthusiastically. These valuable skills will support your work and enrich your life, no matter where your dreams take you.

Our commonwealth of learning includes 49 academic programs. Willamette does not limit your education to a specific major — students are actively engaged in a wide range of conversations on everything from sustainability to social justice. And it is likely that your academic experience will take you across the globe, whether you’re learning Japanese in Kawagoe or teaching photography in South Africa.

Small classes mean your professors will push you to think for yourself as you investigate your passions. But they won’t just push and let go — they will inspire and guide you on your path, and in the process will get to know you as a person. Some will become mentors as they engage you in their research, forming relationships that continue long after you leave Willamette.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and Willamette will support you as you continue to explore and change the world.