At Willamette, History matters. Students of History discover a profoundly public pursuit, essential to an active and empathetic citizenship.

Through a critical examination of the past, students gain knowledge of the "big picture" of human history.  They understand the complex factors affecting long-term patterns of historical change and appreciate the diversity of human experience across time and space.  They weave together the politics, philosophies, practices, and peoples of the past in order to contextualize and problematize the world as we know it and develop ideas of how we want it to be in the future.

History students work with Willamette's outstanding and dedicated teacher-scholars, recognized in their fields.  They also take advantage of Willamette's unique opportunities for civic engagement and global exploration through study abroad programs, internships at the State Capitol and other state agencies across the street, the Willamette Heritage Center, the State Archives, the State Prison, the City of Salem, Zena Farm and Forest, Chemawa Indian School, and Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

Willamette's History Department possesses a faculty of dedicated teacher-scholars recognized as outstanding in their fields.  We teach a wide range of subject areas including African, Ancient, Asian, Environmental, European, Latin American, Legal, Medieval, U.S., and Women and Gender History.  Many history majors choose second majors or minors in complementary fields such as American Ethnic Studies, Archeology, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, Environmental Science, International Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.