PACE - Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises

PACE is a hands-on, minds-on experience in which teams of students actively apply what they are learning to real organizations and real careers. Through PACE activities, students move beyond case studies and projects to working with real colleagues, real clients, real projects and real challenges - plus the decisions, frustrations and results that come with them. 

PACE - Consulting and Entrepreneurship

PACE I and PACE II teaches students to "to think like an entrepreneur," add value to a client organization, develop an organization and write a business plan. To "think like an entrepreneur"; means to constantly look for new opportunities, identify ways to create value and apply the resources you have to take advantage of opportunities.

  • PACE I: Consulting for Not-for-Profit & Government Organizations
    The project starts on the first day of class when each PACE team transforms their team of students into an organization of consultants who will provide management consulting services for a client not-for-profit or government organization. This service/consulting project provides a valuable opportunity to build real-world experience and contribute to the community through enhancing the operations of client service organization.
  • PACE II: Developing an Entrepreneurial Venture
    During the second semester, each PACE team develops a plan for a significant business opportunity (a "big" idea). The plans are written and presented in a public forum. Students who want to go from "thinking like an entrepreneur" to "being an entrepreneur" can implement their PACE plan or an entirely different plan of their choice in the two semester second-year elective course "New Ventures to Launch."

2013-2014 PACE Clients

  • Abiqua School – Education Nonprofit
  • Kale Uganda – International Nonprofit
  • Emerald People's Utilities District – Government
  • 4 Him Today – Nonprofit Foundation
  • The Imani Project – International Nonprofit
  • Marion County - Government
  • Mercy Corps Northwest – Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Lord and Schryver Conservancy - Nonprofit
  • Oregon Symphony - Nonprofit
  • The Pringle Creek Sustainable Living - Nonprofit
  • Salem Harvest – Nonprofit
  • Zena Farm - Nonprofit

2012-2013 PACE Clients

  • City of Salem Economic Development - Local  Government
  • Friends of the Children – Nonprofit
  • Institute for Modern Government – Government and Nonprofit
  • Mercy Corps – Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Zambia Education Fund – International Nonprofit
  • The Imani Project – International Nonprofit
  • Kale Uganda – International Nonprofit
  • Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service – Nonprofit
  • Cross Shadow Institute of Arts – Nonprofit
  • Mercy Corps Northwest (Portland) – Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Bonneville Power Administration – Federal Government
  • OMG – Nonprofit Cooperative

2011-12 PACE Clients

  • Eileen Brady for Mayor  - City Government
  • Gem Children's Foundation - Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Chicago Children's Advocacy Center - City Government and Nonprofit
  • Hacienda CDC - Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Loaves and Fishes  - Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • The Imani Project - International nonprofit
  • Oregon Secretary of State/Archives - State Government
  • Onpoint Community Credit Union - Nonprofit and Entrepreneurship
  • Salem-Keizer Education Foundation - Nonprofit and Education
  • Mercy Corps Northwest  - Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Willamette Academy - Nonprofit and Education
  • Backbones (Chicago) - Nonprofit