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MBA for Professionals Student Handbook

The Willamette University MBA for Professionals Student Handbook is a guide to the current regulations, policies, standards, procedures and student services of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

The MBA for Professionals Handbook is to be used in conjunction with the Willamette University Student Rights & Responsibilities, which is your guide to the standards of conduct, policies, and procedures governing all Willamette University graduate and undergraduate students.

The content of the 2014-15 MBA for Professionals Student Handbook applies to all students enrolled in an MBA course during any of the following semesters: fall semester 2014, spring semester 2015, and summer semester 2015.

The Willamette University MBA for Professionals Student Handbook is updated in early September each year. The handbook is subject to change based on administrative decisions and faculty governance.

Mission, Values and Motto

  • Atkinson School Mission and Values
  • Willamette University Mission, Values and Motto

Get Help! Resources and Tips for a Successful MBA Experience

  • Talk With Atkinson Faculty and Staff
  • Personal Support Services (Office of the Chaplains, Campus Safety, Get Help With Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Misconduct)
  • Academic Support Services (Advising, Tutors, Course Difficulties, Disability Services, Quick Links to Online Resources)
  • Group Process and Team Facilitation
  • Give Feedback
  • Getting the Most from your MBA Education

Expectations of Academic and Professional Behavior

  • Expectations of Academic Honesty
  • Expectations of Professional Behavior

Atkinson School Honor Code and Student Conduct

  • Introduction to the Honor Code
  • Atkinson School Honor Code
  • Applying the Honor Code to Academic Honesty
  • Applying the Honor Code to Professional Behavior
  • The People  Involved in Investigating and Resolving a Violation of the Honor Code
  • The Process for Investigating and Resolving a Violation of the Honor Code
  • Effect of an Ongoing Honor Code Process on Graduation and Conferral of Degree
  • Honor Council Governance, Selection and Responsibilities

Graduation Requirements and Academic Regulations

Graduation Requirements and Academic Regulations:
MBA for Professionals
Graduation Requirements and Academic Regulations:
MBA for Professionals - Students Entering the Program Prior to Fall Semester 2010

Curricular requirements are specific to the semester of entry to the MBAP program. Click on the link above that identifies your semester of entry to access your information.

  • Graduation Requirements
  • Good Standing
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Grades
  • Regulations Regarding "I" Grades
  • Regulations Regarding "F" Grades
  • Repeating a Course
  • Grade Changes
  • Grade Appeal
  • Substituting MBA Elective Course Work for GSMPR 630: Special Topics in Management
  • Course Waivers
  • Transfer Credits
  • Transfer Credits from CPM Program
  • Students Enrolled Part-time

Registration Policies and Procedures

  • Registration
  • Course Sequence and Prerequisites
  • Full-Time and Half-Time Course Loads
  • Discontinuing a Course
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Immunizations Required to Attend Class
  • Repeating a Course
  • Adding a Course
  • Dropping a Course
  • Withdrawing from a Course
  • Complete Withdrawal from All Courses During a Semester
  • Medical Withdrawal or Medical Incomplete
  • Leave of Absence
  • Readmission
  • Final Exam Policy
  • Requests for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Probation, Suspension and Termination

  • Academic Probation
  • Academic Suspension and Termination

Commencement Ceremony Policies and Procedures

  • Participating in the Commencement Ceremony - Graduating Students
  • Participating in the Commencement Ceremony - Walking Students
  • Academic Honors at Graduation

Requests for Exceptions to Academic Policies or Procedures

Financial Policies and Procedures

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Scholarships
  • Cancellation of Scholarships
  • Financial Aid Suspension and Drug Related Offenses
  • Health Insurance
  • Billing Process for Tuition
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Late Fees
  • Withdrawal Refund Policy

Willamette University Policies
As a citizen of the Willamette University community, it is necessary that you understand your responsibilities to the whole and your rights as an individual. Willamette University policies govern all graduate and undergraduate students of Willamette University except where specifically noted within the description of a specific policy or procedure. University wide policies and procedures are available online at the links below:

Willamette University Student Rights & Responsibilities
Statement of Equal Opportunity Compliance
Statement of Title IX Compliance  Submit a Bias Incident Report
Willamette University Guiding Principles
   Mission, Motto, Message from Dean of Campus Life
Non-Discrimination Policy
Location of other University Selected Policies
Student Rights and Responsibilities
   Application of Law
   Student Rights and Responsibilities
   Standards of Conduct
   Enforcement and Resolution Procedures
   Appeal Procedures
   Restricted Contact Orders
   Behavioral Concern
   Health Concern
   Immediate Restriction of a Student's Access to Campus
   Immediate Suspension of a Student Organization
   Publication and Notification of the Standards of Conduct
   Hazing - Policy and Protocol

Willamette University Policies Related to Students
Student Disability Accommodation Procedures
Emergency – Medical or Psychological
Non-Discrimination Policy
Publicity Policies for Students and Student Organizations
Sexual Misconduct Policy & Protocol for Students
Standards of Conduct and Related Procedures
Student Grievance Policy
Student Refund Policy
Telephone Harassment

Willamette University Selected All Campus Policies

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Candle/Open Flame Policy
Dogs on Campus
Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse and Sexual Assault/Harassment
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Fire Alarm Response
Firearm/Weapons Policy
Responsibilities of Skateboarders and Bicyclists
Inclement Weather
Name and Logo Imprint Policy
Promotion and Publicity
Parking Regulations
Prohibition of Harassment Including Sexual Harassment
Scheduling Policy
Smoking Policy
Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act
Student Travel Procedures & Best Practices
Willamette Integrated Technology Services Policies

--Read about Equal Opportunity, Security and Student-Right-to-Know Policies--