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    2018 Brochure

    From design to content, we made this brochure to help you better understand Atkinson.

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    Forbes recognizes Willamette MBA for top ROI

    Forbes again named us the top program in Oregon, and 54th in the nation based on alumni ROI!

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    Willamette MBA Ranked by Businessweek

    Among the top programs in the U.S. for the third consecutive year.

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Early Career & Career Change MBA

Look, every MBA program on the planet is going to tell you they’re the best. And there are a lot of great programs out there. The challenge is finding the one that creates the best fit for you.

So let’s talk about fit. We are an Early Career MBA. What does that mean? Everything we are — from curriculum to faculty to career management — is engineered to launch those with little or no professional experience into their career.

Why is that important? Because your MBA is an investment, right?  And with every investment you make, you have expectations about what you get in return. You also know the timing of your investment can have huge impact on your return. The earlier you get in on something good, the better your return on investment.

Early. Career. MBA.

We have built one of the top-ranked, full-time MBA programs in the nation by serving students with little or no experience. Forbes just ranked us (again) as the top MBA in Oregon for ROI, and the 2nd best in the Pacific Northwest.

We match our program against some of the largest and most well-known MBA programs in the world and come out near the top.

So what’s underneath the hood of our Early Career MBA?

If you’d like to chat with a current student about our MBA, we’d be happy to connect you to get some insight.