ASWU Finance

One of ASWU's responsibilities is the distribution of student fees. Any registered student organization is eligible to apply for funding through the ASWU Finance and Club Approval Committee, although student organizations must attend a Student Organization Orientation (SOO) in order to become eligible to receive funding.

Upon requests for funding, the ASWU Finance and Club Approval Committee will hear the requests at a maximum of three times per semester and notify the requesting organizations through the Club President’s and Club Treasurer’s listservs.


In order to submit a budget request:

  • Organizations must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Organizations must resolve any overdrafts in both ASWU and non-ASWU financial accounts.

In order to receive funding:

  • Organizations must submit an ASWU Budget Request and Inventory Disclosure form by the deadline announced.
    • Requests must include exact titles and costs.
    • If a request exceeds a total amount of $1,500, a club member is required to represent and defend the budget request at the respective hearing for said request.
  • Organizations must send both the president and treasurer to attend a Student Organization Orientation.


    The three (3) hearings for the Spring 2018 semester have been scheduled, but may be subjected to rescheduling:

    • Round 1:
      • Submission Period: 1/29 - 2/7
      • Finance Board Hearing: 2/11
      • Results: 2/16
    • Round 2:
      • Submission Period: 2/26 - 3/7
      • Finance Board Hearing: 3/11
      • Results: 3/16
    • Round 3:
      • Submission Period: 4/9 - 4/18
      • Finance Board Hearing: 4/22
      • Results: 4/27


      According to the ASWU Bylaws, the Committee must use the following guidelines when making funding decisions. However, the Committee must consider the individual needs of each student organization and the merits of each individual program, which allows the right to make exceptions or deny funding when deemed necessary.


      • Food:
        • All food related requests will be funded at $30 per event.
          • Sufficient reason for specific foods and itemized cost breakdowns are required.
          • This precedent excludes foods for meetings or closed events.
      • Transportation:
        • All transportation related requests will be funded in accordance with university rental policies.
        • If the request is for a rental vehicle, a flat amount of $54.26 will be funded per vehicle, for a maximum amount determined by the appropriate amount of vehicles needed for the event.
        • Gas may be reimbursed for rental vehicles at $0.20 per mile for a maximum of 100 miles and $0.10 for all exceeding miles.
        • Gas may be reimbursed for personal vehicles at $0.50 per mile.
      • Decorations:
        • All decoration related requests will be funded at $20 per event.
      • Advertising:
        • All advertising related requests will be funded at $25 per event.
      • Entertainers:
        • All entertainment requests will be funded may be funded for a maximum $500 per event. 
          • Sufficient reason and itemized cost breakdowns are required.
          • Funding may be applied to lodging, fees, and transportation.
          • Funding excludes gifts and gratuities.
      • Security:
        • Security for large scale events may be funded for a maximum of $300 per event.
          • An estimated attendance and explanation of the event is required.
      • Miscellaneous Materials:
        • Games may only be purchased for gaming related organizations.
          • Gaming related organizations may purchased a maximum of three (3) games per semester.
        • Nerf related materials may only be purchased for the Nerf Club.
          • The Nerf Club may purchase at maximum $25 worth of darts and $20 worth of other Nerf related supplies per semester.
      • Movie Rights:
        • Movie rights will be funded on the basis that the price-per-head does not exceed the average price of a movie ticket, specifically $12 per person.


      • ASWU will not provide funding or reimbursement for the following:
        • Personalized items, including equipment or clothing.
        • Giveaways, including prizes, gifts, or materials for personal projects.
        • Admission or entrance fees.
        • Fundraising or profit generating events unless intended for charity.
        • Conferences, leadership trainings, or retreats unless required for greater club recognition or existence.
        • Greek philanthropy events outside of general funding precedents as listed above.
        • External services that ASWU already provides, including disc jockeys and fees for off-campus venues.
        • Late or unspecified requests.
        • Requests from clubs that have not attended a Student Organization Orientation.
        • Requests from clubs that are in debt within both their non-ASWU and ASWU club accounts.
        • Events that generate academic credit.

      Updated: 06/28/2017