Using the Turnitin Review Service

Enabling Turnitin in Assignments

Files can be sent to Turnitin for originality review via the Assignments tool.  Enter the assignment information as you would normally.  Assignments must be submitted as file attachments for Turnitin, so be sure to specify "Attachments only" in the Student Submissions box. Acceptable documents types are: Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), WordPerfect (.wpd), Postscript (.ps), HTML (.htm, .html), Rich Text (.rtf), or plain text (.txt).  The Turnitin service is enabled in the "Review Service" option in the Assignments tool.  Check the box next to "Use review service."  If you check the box next to "Allow students to view report," students will also have access to the results of the Turnitin analysis.

Viewing Turnitin Reports

Once you have posted the assignment, click on the "Grade" link under the assignment title in the list of assignments.  You will see a column showing the status of each student's Turnitin report.  The original status will be "no report."  Originality reports may take from 10 minutes to an hour or more to be generated after an assignment is submitted.  Once a report is completed the status will change to an icon whose color reflects the report findings.  You can check the status of a student report by clicking on the icon, which will open a new window with a standard Turnitin report.