The program in Civic Communication and Media (CCM) examines communicative practices and technologies that foster engagement in civic life. Informed by theories and histories of public discourse, our courses are designed to develop thinkers who understand dynamics of communication and media change and who can apply their insights to contemporary problems.

Civic Communication and Media majors have the opportunity to explore how people devise and use media—whether speeches or tweets—to engage the world, to define and negotiate controversies, to construct identity and community, to develop and circulate arguments, and to effect change. In addition students who select this major examine rhetorical practices through which individuals and groups establish, maintain and challenge structures of power in civic life.

Our courses cultivate engaged practitioners who can analyze and work in multiple forms of communication, who are engaged in public life, and who contribute through research to public conversations about communication and media.

The Civic Communication and Media department, formerly known as Rhetoric and Media Studies, is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, where it serves the educational needs of students and the university community through award winning teaching, research and service. On the vibrant Willamette campus, the Civic Communication and Media department maximizes its location in Ford Hall, a welcoming and technologically advanced LEED Gold building directly across the street from the Oregon State Capitol and the Oregon State Supreme Court. Proximity to state offices and Salem’s historic downtown enhance student opportunities for civic engagement.

We invite you to learn more about the Civic Communication and Media department by exploring our web site. We also welcome opportunities to talk with you on campus and to connect with you via social media