Tabitha Knight

Assistant Professor of Economics

Tabitha Knight earned her BS in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from California State University, Sacramento. She then earned her Masters and Ph.D. in Economics at Colorado State University where she was trained in heterodox economic theories. A feminist macroeconomist, Knight's expertise is in the intersection of economic development, international trade and finance, and the economics of race and gender. Specifically, her research focuses on gendered labor markets both domestically and abroad.


  • Econ 132: Introduction to Economic Inquiry
  • Econ 342: Economics of Race and Gender

Recent Publications/ Working Papers:

Knight, T. (2015). “Macroeconomic Policies, Paradigms, and Constraints on Equality and Growth [Review of Inequality, Development, and Growth, edited by Günseli Berik, Yana van der Meulen Rodgers, and Stephanie Seguino].” Review of Income and Wealth, 61 (2), 394-398. doi:10.1111/roiw.12087

Knight, T. (2014). “The Gender Dynamics of Public Finance: A Chinese and Cross-Country Analysis”. (Doctoral Dissertation). Available at ProQuest Dissertation and Theses. (Accession Order No. 3635635).

“Women and the Chinese Labor Market: Recent Patterns and Future Possibilities” Chinese Economy (forthcoming)

“A Cross-Country Evaluation of Public Spending and Gendered Employment” Manuscript, submitted to The Journal of Development Economics (under review)

“Gendered Employment and Public Spending in China” (working paper)