Willamette’s top 10 animal photos on Instagram in 2016

by Tom Mayhall Rastrelli,

  • Number 10
    Did Bearcats love dogs, ducks, goats or owls the most? This screech owl made an appearance during Alumni Weekend and is the 10th most popular photo of the year.
  • Number nine
    Number nine: The goats from an autumn convocation on urban farming had a nose for salad.
  • Number eight
    Number eight: Kootenai, an Australian shepherd owned by Ruth Feingold, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, was a hit at Dog Days during finals last week.
  • Number seven
    Number seven: Professor David P. Craig and students marveled at the beauty of a barred owl that swooped into campus.
  • Number six
    Number six: Baby ducks get nudged by their mom, as they learn to navigate the thundering rapids of the Mill Stream.
  • Number five
    Number five: Who? Who ... was more popular on a return trip after Alumni Weekend concluded?
  • Number four
    Number four: Each spring baby ducks take over the Mill Stream, and Bearcts’ hearts melt.
  • Number three
    Number three: Lil Bean, a spring addition to Willamette’s doggie population, explored the Quad.
  • Number two
    Number two: What’s better than one goat? Three kids!
  • Number one
    Number one: Blitz the Bearcat and Griffin, professor Karen McFarlane Holman’s corgi, were the most popular animal photo of 2016 with 297 likes.
  • Top 2016 Willamette Instagram photo
    This night photo of the Mill Stream and Jackson Plaza blanketed in last week’s snow topped photos with a whopping 464 likes. Thank you, Michael Chen ’18, for sharing this spectacular shot.
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