Who are confidential support resources?

Students may obtain absolutely confidential assistance and access campus resources by speaking with a confidential resource person at one of the following entities:

Counseling Services in Bishop Wellness Center provides confidential counseling for survivors, friends, partners and individuals accused of sexual misconduct by appointment and emergency appointments available for urgent needs Telephone: 503-370-6062

Confidential Advocate - The many resources available can sometimes be overwhelming, or difficult to navigate. As such, advocates can assist with navigating the many options available, helping to provide improved access to resources. With the confidential advocate, individuals can seek information, options and specific support about their rights and resources, including assistance contacting law enforcement, medical care or state services/programs off campus: (503) 375-5361 confidential-advocate@willamette.edu

Salem Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE Program): Confidential medical response, 24/7, at the Emergency Department. No appointment necessary.

The Chaplain & Assistant Chaplain are charged to work with all members of the Willamette community including those who are religious and non-religious regarding spiritual, ethical, vocational and personal issues. Located of the 2nd Floor of the University Center (UC) IS Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Telephone: 503-370-6213

Center for Hope & Safety, which provides support for men as well as women, is an off campus resource which is also confidential – their 24 hour hotline is 503-399-7722.