Getting Connected to Willamette's Networks (wired and wireless) on Campus.


  • Most networks are restricted to current staff, faculty, and students or guests with a valid network account.
  • Public internet is available in the Mark O. Hatfield Library ad the W. J. Long Law Library.
  • Visiting groups can make arrangements with the Scheduling Office for internet needs during their stay at Willamette.



  • Wireless is available in all residence halls and in academic buildings.

Getting connected

new! 5GHz networks

  • Starting in Jan 2014 the Residential & Academic networks have an exclusive 5GHZ option. If your device can see the "...5GHz" version of the network WITS recommends you use it. 

Wired (Ethernet)


  • Wired connections are available in most residence halls.
  • Public wired connections are available in Smullin 119 and the Hatfield Library only.
  • Ethernet ports in academic buildings are restricted to staff/faculty use only.

Getting connected

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Open a web browser.
  • You should see a page asking you to Register on the Willamette network. Follow those instructions.

Other Devices

If your smart phone or game console has a web-browser the above steps should work. Find out more information on what items are allowed and how to register them on the network.