Sustainability at Willamette

A New Student-Led Fund for Sustainability Projects at Willamette University

During the Spring 2014 semester students at Willamette University established a new Green Initiative Fund (GIF) that will provide for new student leadership and funding for sustainability projects at Willamette University. In a campus-wide referendum, undergraduate students voted in April 2014 to establish the fund based on a GIF proposal advanced by the Associated Students of Willamette University.

The GIF will be supported by a $25 per student per semester fee. A student-led and staff-supported committee will solicit, review, and allocate funding for projects proposed by students, faculty and staff.

A team of student leaders, administrators, and faculty are working this summer to establish the new program and set up a student-led committee for the coming academic year. Students who do not wish to contribute to the new program will be provided with an opt-out option from July 21 through September 15, 2014 via Web Advisor.

Questions about the GIF can be directed to Dr. Joe Abraham, Director, Willamette University Sustainability Institute.