Certificate in Public Management

Program Overview

The Certificate in Public Management will enrich your confidence and critical thinking skills to influence the policies and programs that impact Oregon citizens. With fresh energy and a systems-based approach, you’ll act boldly and ethically in response to a constantly changing environment.

You’ll match trusted theory with practical application, real-world problems with fresh solutions, and an integrated education with a systems perspective. You'll make immediate, positive and lasting impacts in your community, organization and career.

Expand your perspective of what's possible. Cultivate your perspective of what's possible. Surpass your professional goals.

A Unique Approach

The Certificate in Public Management takes a systems-based approach to the public sector’s distinct context, challenges and mandates. By integrating best business practices with the public sector’s needs, you’ll be ready to do more with less, regardless of whether you’re managing in a Federal, State or Local governmental entity. You’ll gain an enriched understanding of the challenges facing today’s public organizations by collaborating with a cohort of seasoned public managers.

A Dynamic Experience

With the busy public manager in mind, the CPM’s structure will equip you with the confidence and critical thinking skills to act immediately on your daily work. You’ll deliver sustained performance rooted in an integrated knowledge of relevant decision-making, effective service delivery and proactive change management.

A Transformative Opportunity

Expand your leadership capacity with Willamette University's Certificate in Public Management.

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Message from the CPM Director


These are unique times for public agencies. Decreased revenue, increased demand for services, shrinking workforces and little available management training leaves public managers in the position of trying to learn to swim while drowning. The CPM program offers a lifeline. For individuals and organizations, it is critical to invest now in the skills needed to respond to these challenges and build future-thinking organizations.

The Certificate in Public Management program has given over 200 public managers the tools they needed to make significant contributions to the sustainable operation of their organizations. Participation also connects students to a network of peer professionals and access to the knowledgeable practitioners who serve as the instructors.  

I invite you to contact me to learn more about how this unique program can benefit you and your organization.

Susan Wilson
CPM Program Director