Over the years the SCR Program has supported almost 30 faculty and dozens of students. In some cases (indicated by *) faculty participated in SCRP activities using external funds requiring minimal or no support from SCRP.



David Altman
Assistant Professor of Physics

  • Jenna Hermann
  • Jesse Sant

Haiyan Cheng
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

  • Brian Mock

Andrew Duncan
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • Aaron Bilbao
  • Andrew Rose
  • Brendan Zhang
Alison Fisher
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Joseph Cardiello
  • Garrett Eickelberg
  • Kate Gadek
Junggi Hong
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
  • Shannon Palmer
  • Wyatt Briggs

Sarah Kirk
Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • James Neal
Barbara Stebbins-Boaz
Associate Professor of Biology
  • Etienne Galbreath
  • Gwen Hryciw
  • Nicole Rodgers
Gary Tallman
Professor of Biology
  • Logan Blair
Rick Watkins
Professor of Physics
  • Erik Reinhart
Chuck Williamson
Professor of Chemistry
  • Ryne Smith