Welcome to the Philosophy Department!

We hope that you'll find our website useful. It contains information about our programclasses, and activities, as well as the real-world advantages of a philosophy degree. Please feel free to bring any questions directly to us -- we'll be delighted to meet you.

What is philosophy? The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek, where it means love of wisdom. In philosophy, we ask the big questions: How should one live? Why is there something rather than nothing? Under what conditions can we be said to have knowledge? What is justice? What is beauty? And how about truth? For that matter, is it possible to definitely answer such fundamental questions? Why, or why not? The breadth and generality of philosophy's concerns set it apart from other disciplines, while its approach, combining careful argument with insight and imagination, makes it applicable to problems in any field of study or endeavor. In philosophy, we encourage the systematic investigation of our most deeply held beliefs, whatever they concern, and in this way come to understand them more fully. This intense practice sharpens one's perception of the relationships among the various other fields of study, and deepens one's sense of the meaning of human experience. In short, philosophy lies at the core of the Liberal Arts.