Disability Services

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Disability Syllabus Statements For Professors

There is no set standard for what a professor is to write on their syllabus; you may choose the following or write your own version.

Any student eligible for and requesting academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a Letter of Academic Accommodations from Disability Services within the first two to three weeks of classes.

Universal Design for Learning 

Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles aimed at giving all students equal opportunities and access to education.

Provided are a general guidelines, and information as well as helpful classroom and mobile resources.

There are many examples of Universal Design for Learning being used successfully in the classroom available online. New methods, techniques and resources are created everyday. This resource from the University of Washington's DO-IT Center shows how Universal Design for Learning is being practiced on campuses nationwide.

Other resources

Handy cheatsheets for creating accessible content in various forms and programs.

E-book sites: Project Gutenberg (which also links to sites with e-books in other languages), Bartleby (which includes fiction, non-fiction, verse and reference books), Bibliomania or LibriVox which has free public domain audiobooks.

TechMatrix: A resource search engine which can be customized by content as well as by learning disability.

Captioning options: Search from a library of captioned media. or from captioned videos from youtube of vimeo. There are also resources available which will help you to caption your video or caption an older video if a captioned version cannot be found.

For further information contact:

Disability Services
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