Opening Days

Opening Days Kick-off Events

2015 Summer Kick-Off Schedule (schedule will be finalized by early June)

The Willamette University Alumni Association welcomes you to the Bearcat family! 
You're invited to meet some of your classmates before arriving on campus, as well as current students and dedicated alumni who are eager to impart their knowledge and share some advice from their Willamette experiences. Parents are welcome.

Email invitations will be sent to new students living near these kick-off events approximately three weeks in advance. RSVP is also available online for all upcoming receptions.

Los Angeles

July 11, 6-7:30 pm

Host: Jim Cuno

1221 Ocean Avenue #608, Santa Monica 90401

Limited to 44 people

July 12, 2-4 pm

Host: Vicki Campbell

104 Washington Street, Placentia 92870

Limited to 55 people


Bay Area

July 18, 2-4 pm

Host: Sue Pyne

1850 Kenpark Court, San Jose 95124


July 26, 3-5 pm

Hosts: Marian and Phil Thom

17123 13th Ave. NW, Seattle 98177


August 3, 7:00 pm

Host: Julie Branford

6200 SW Sheridan Street, Portland 97225


Date & time: TBD

Host: Charlotte Carpenter

4265 Water Hole Rd, Reno 89519


Date & time: TBD

Host: Erin and David Audley

2926 Dogwood Court S., Salem 97302