The Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Oregon’s third largest art museum celebrates the creativity of the human spirit as expressed in the art of different cultures, places and times.

Located near the Oregon State Capitol in the heart of Salem, the museum’s collections reflect the rich Pacific Northwest culture and explore the history of art around the world.

Special exhibitions range from classical works to modern masters, while the permanent galleries feature works by Pacific Northwest and Native American artists as well as a diverse collection of Ancient, European, American and Asian art.


Individual memberships are only $25, and you have the option of joining as a family for $50. Join at the $100 level to participate in the National American Reciprocal Museum Program and get free admission to over 700 museums across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

Memberships help us bring the finest work to our region, and we're dedicated to ensuring memberships remain affordable. Because we believe it's important to ensure everyone is able to experience great works of art, admission is always free on Tuesdays.