Philosophy's breadth sets it apart from other disciplines, while its combination of rigorous argument, imagination, and insight makes it applicable to problems in any field or endeavor. The benefits of philosophical study are dramatic and enduring: fuller understanding of one's own commitments, sharper perception of the relationships among the various other fields of study, greater clarity of thought, and deeper insight into the human condition. In short, philosophy lies at the core of the liberal arts.

Our faculty have wide-ranging interests, including political philosophy, aesthetics, existentialism, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, logic, Buddhist philosophy, and philosophical approaches to gender and race. This broad range is reflected in our course offerings, which cover a variety of topics and traditions. The department also hosts note-worthy speakers on diverse topics. If you'd like to talk about possible courses or anything else philosophy-related, come see us — we'll be delighted to meet you.