Program Information

Philosophy is a core component of a liberal arts education, with deep historical and conceptual ties to diverse other disciplines and fields of study. Accordingly, the Philosophy major serves the needs and interests of a wide variety of students, including those planning graduate study in philosophy, law, religion, or business; those seeking preparation for work in government, social service, education, journalism, or any field in which critical thinking is valued; and those desiring a rigorous, critical immersion in the liberal arts.

Requirements for the Philosophy Major (9 Credits)

  • PHIL 140 (QA*) Symbolic Logic (1)
  • PHIL 230 History of Philosophy: Ancient Greece (1)
  • PHIL 231 History of Philosophy: Modern (1)
  • Five credits in Philosophy (5)*
  • PHIL 492W Philosophy Senior Seminar: Writing Philosophy (1)

* HUM 497W Humanities Senior Seminar [crosslisted with CLHI 497W] may be used as one of these credits with departmental approval.

With departmental approval, students may satisfy this requirement by taking PHIL 490 Independent Study (1 credit). Students who wish to pursue the option of an independent study in this context should apply to the department and submit a prospectus.

Requirements For The Philosophy Minor (5 Credits)

  • Three credits in Philosophy at the 200 level or above (3)
  • Two additional credits in Philosophy (2)