International Education

Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Baden-Württemberg is a state in southwestern Germany whose large size fosters cultural and natural diversity. The program is run by the Oregon University System (OUS). They provide a Resident Director to support the students throughout their program.


Students take a four-week intensive German class on arrival and then can choose to take German language courses throughout their stay. This program is recommended for students who have taken two years or more of university level German - students must take a German language course the semester prior to studying abroad. Many course and major options are available. If language ability permits courses are available at any of the following universities located in Baden Württemberg: Freiburg, Heidelberg, Hohenheim, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Ludwigsburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Tübingen, and Ulm. For more information on courses visit each university’s website and make an appointment at the Office of International Education. Internship opportunities may be available, meet with an advisor for more information.


Students will live in single-room university housing equipped with kitchen facilities. Meals are also available in student cafeterias. Flat mates may be German or other international students.


It is suggested that students interested in the Baden-Württemberg program participate during the spring semester or for a full year. The year long program starts in early September and ends in late June. The spring semester begins in mid-April, with an optional intensive language program beginning in March. Fall semester only  programs may be available, please contact the OIE for more information before applying. Students are required to attend an all-day pre-departure orientation session conducted by OUS; the session is at the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program.


DAAD:  Students participating in the Baden-Württemberg program should consider applying for the DAAD grant for their semester or year abroad. 

Baden-Württemberg stipends:  Every student on the exchange program is eligible for a generous monthly stipend provided by the education ministry of Baden-Württemberg. Amounts of these stipends are determined on an annual basis.

Pre-departure Resources: