International Education

London, England


While living in London students will study at the American Heritage Association (AHA) London Center with other students from the Northwest. Many Willamette University professors have experience with this program and are generally excited to share their experiences. Past faculty participants from Willamette include Patricia Varas (Spanish, 2009), James Thompson (Art, 2008), Anita King (Music, 2008), Seth Cotler (History, 2006), Jeane Clark (Rhetoric and Media Studies, 2002), Ken Nolley (English, 1999) and others. To read more about this program on the AHA website please click here.


Most of the classes at the London Center are related to English civilization, literature, politics, history, art and theater. Each student will take four to five courses. This program is highly recommended for History, English, Politics, Art History, Studio Art and Theater majors. Field trips and excursions are an integral part of this program and students will benefit from first-hand experience of the subjects they study. Read more about the courses and their included excursions by clicking here.


Students can choose to live with host families in London suburbs and commute to the London Center via The Tube (London subway) and/or bus or arrange to live in student housing (please meet wtih an advisor for further information about your housing options).  Students pay the AHA London program directly for the cost of their housing and meals. See study abroad advisor for more information. 


The London program is available either during either the fall or spring semester. The fall semester begins in early September and ends mid December; spring semester begins in early February and ends mid May.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Further information about the housing options can be found on the AHA London Program housing website.

Pre-departure Resources