International Education

Perth, Australia


The University of Western Australia is found in Perth, a coastal city of 1.2 million inhabitants. This vibrant capital of the state of Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate and provides easy access to the Indian Ocean and Australian outback.


Undergraduate units (classes) at UWA are available to WU students and all majors are recommended. Natural Science majors may choose to study in Perth because of its excellent reputation and abundant resources in those fields. See the UWA Handbook for more unit information.


Trinity College and St. Catherine’s College are residential dorm-style colleges where WU students will live during their time in Perth. Meals are taken in residential dinning halls. The college provides activities, clubs, and support for their residents.


This program is available in fall or spring semester.  Be aware that UWA's academic year begins in February and ends in November.  UWA's first semester is mid-February to late June. The second semester is early July through mid-November.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. The Australian government requires that all international students have Oversea Student Health Cover (OSHC).  Even though accommodation is included in the program, students are required to pay a refundable housing deposit, Willamette cannot pay this deposit on behalf of the student.

Pre-Departure Resources